Friday, January 6, 2012

Work Station

Here's my setup for taking apart the ties for my crazy quilt project--sofa with comfy pillows, phone, camera, baggies to hold the ties, the linings, the labels; a trash bag; the remote; a pile of ties, and oh yes my pouch of tools, including my favorite seam ripper. (I call him Jack.)

After working on this till 1:30 this morning, I've barely made a dent in the basketful of ties! However, I've found that some of them are just not going to work very well--apparently they're rayon and they didn't take well to the laundry process! I may use some of them anyway, just for the color and pattern, but even then they're among the uglier fabrics. Oh well--the ugly patches, or the ones that don't seem to work with their neighbors, are going to be t he prime spots for extra buttons and embroidery!

According to the terms of the challenge, I'm supposed to do a square a month. By my own challenge terms, that means 7 squares a month! Probably pretty doable, as long as "life" doesn't interfere too much! First things first, though. Have to prep the ties, and then cut the squares. Getting closer to doing that, which means I'm definitely going to have to make a decision about size. Leaning towards 8" but also thinking of cutting the squares at 10.5" to allow some leeway in case I decide to add sashing.

Oh well, I did take the process pledge, didn't I? So I'm documenting the process for you while noodling my way through the decisions.

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