Saturday, January 21, 2012

Simon Sniffs

DSCN8860 by marie watterlond
DSCN8860, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

Curious Simon trying to figure out what on earth this strange concoction is. He did NOT get a lick of it--the flash startled him and I moved the cup out of nose range!


IMG_0320 by marie watterlond
IMG_0320, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

Paperwhite narcissi, after the rain. Volunteer bulbs that come back year after year.


IMG_0309 by marie watterlond
IMG_0309, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

Snapped this picture this morning not long after the rain stopped. This bush is, I think, one named for General Patton, which we planted not long after we moved in.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cranberry Pie

Cranberry Pie by marie watterlond
Cranberry Pie, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

Today's baking. For a potluck. Sadly, I could eat the entire thing myself, but I'd better not!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Tie

IMG_0277 by marie watterlond
IMG_0277, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

The last of the ties has been taken apart, but I did want to share this one. It's one of my favorites, and this and Mickey Mouse are presenting a bit of a problem. You see, I need to make 7 quilts, and there is only one of each of them. Plus, they are larger than the block size I was planning to make.

So there's a bit of a dilemma. Not to worry, I'm sure I'll resolve it... sure. No one said the quilts had to be identical!

Life is short...

IMG_0282 by marie watterlond
IMG_0282, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

... go ahead and use the Waterford for every day! This is a nice little viognier from my favorite purveyor of *vin du pays* my good friend Trader Joe! (No, this isn't a two-buck-Chuck, although I've gotten rather fond of Chuck's pinot grigio.)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mickey Mouse Tie

Mickey Mouse Tie by marie watterlond
Mickey Mouse Tie, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

This is going to be one of the center blocks of one of the crazy quilts. Yes, my husband actually wore this tie, for several years in fact. It was one of his favorites! I don't think this block w ill need much embellishing!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mickey's Losing It!

IMG_0272 by marie watterlond
IMG_0272, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

Mickey Mouse pancackes...the whipped cream is sorta sliding away, which gives Mickey a decidedly rakish expression!

No Explanation Needed

This is part two of the Route 66 post. Is it cheating to make two posts since I got a little backed up on blogging? I plead computer problems. In fact, there is a new router just waiting for me to install it.

After I do something about the snarly tangle of cords behind the computer. Which gives me an idea for today's post...

Getting our kicks...

Getting our kicks... by marie watterlond
Getting our kicks..., a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

on that ol' Route 66!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Work Station

Here's my setup for taking apart the ties for my crazy quilt project--sofa with comfy pillows, phone, camera, baggies to hold the ties, the linings, the labels; a trash bag; the remote; a pile of ties, and oh yes my pouch of tools, including my favorite seam ripper. (I call him Jack.)

After working on this till 1:30 this morning, I've barely made a dent in the basketful of ties! However, I've found that some of them are just not going to work very well--apparently they're rayon and they didn't take well to the laundry process! I may use some of them anyway, just for the color and pattern, but even then they're among the uglier fabrics. Oh well--the ugly patches, or the ones that don't seem to work with their neighbors, are going to be t he prime spots for extra buttons and embroidery!

According to the terms of the challenge, I'm supposed to do a square a month. By my own challenge terms, that means 7 squares a month! Probably pretty doable, as long as "life" doesn't interfere too much! First things first, though. Have to prep the ties, and then cut the squares. Getting closer to doing that, which means I'm definitely going to have to make a decision about size. Leaning towards 8" but also thinking of cutting the squares at 10.5" to allow some leeway in case I decide to add sashing.

Oh well, I did take the process pledge, didn't I? So I'm documenting the process for you while noodling my way through the decisions.

Equal Time?

Realized that my last two posts have features Simon, who is also the cat I use as an avatar picture on various social media sites. Well, there's another boycat in my life, and that's Highland, usually known as Hi-Hi. Here he is curled up in his favorite "kitty bed" also known as my laundry basket.

Cats are strange.


Contentment by marie watterlond
Contentment, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

This is my post for Jan. 5. Yesterday was a day of computer issues--on both computers! I took this picture just before I went downstairs--was going to make up the bed, but who could disturb this sweet little guy? Not me!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


DSCN8824 by marie watterlond
DSCN8824, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

...sleepin' in the sun, how you gonna get your day's work done? Sleepin' in the noonday sun...

Why yes, I do know an awful lot of old songs!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Button, Button...

DSCN8852 by marie watterlond
DSCN8852, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

You really want to click on this picture to see a bigger version! It's a quilted version of one of the old "feather trees" that were so popular many many years ago. This one is decorated with mostly old buttons, including a few (like the blue lovebirds) that I remember from my grandmother's button box.

There's a second one of these trees, which looks nearly identical, but it's done with brighter colors (in the plaid border) and much more contemporary buttons--airplanes, and gummy bears, and the like.

They'll be coming down soon. Not sure what I'll put up in their places, since I don't have many quilts this size. Guess I need to go look around!

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Watched Pot

...produces dinner. Raviolis with portobello mushroom filling, marinara with meatballs--dinner out of the fridge and freezer. The meatballs and ravioli were frozen, from Trader Joe's, and the marinara--also from TJ's--had been opened to make English-muffin pizzas. I like to simmer the meatballs in the sauce while the pasta is cooking. There's enough left for another meal, too.

Not only did this dinner taste good, but it helped make a little room in the freezer. Currently there is an inordinate amount of turkey broth in the freezer, most of it in smallish single-recipe size containers. I froze the leftover turkey, dressing, and even the mashed potatoes, too. When it's too good to toss, but too much to eat, what else is there to do? If winter ever comes to these parts, there may be some nights when a little soup, or a hot turkey sammich, will make a good meal!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

French Toast

IMG_0224 by marie watterlond
IMG_0224, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

Mmmm! Can you almost smell the luscious aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar and pecans topping this decadent pan of baked French toast? Caitlin made this for Christmas breakfast--served it with warm maple syrup that was infused with vanilla bean.