Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Photo A Day February 5, 2014--Square

Squares and more squares. The ruled cutting board helps me cut my pieces squared up, so my quilt squares will fit together the way they are supposed to!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Photo A Day February 3, 2014--Something Orange

Well, they're orange all right--oranges on my own little tree! It came with the house, along with another tree with yellow fruits that we thought were lemons. Nope, they're grapefruit! Small juicy ones, so good for juice but not so much for eating.

Photo A Day February 2, 2014--Favourite

My very favorite boycat--HiHi. (I have a favorite girlcat, too,) Picking a favorite anything is really hard for me. I just can't do it. I hate it when I come back from a trip or see a play/movie/quilt show/whatever, and someone asks me what I liked best. It's like asking which kid is my favorite--I have a favorite oldest son, and a favorite younger son, and a favorite oldest daughter, etc etc. They're all different and all have their special place in my heart.

So, this month so far? Not prompts I can relate well to. Guess I'll have to see how the rest of the month goes!

Photo A Day February 1, 2014--You

So I'm going to give this a try again--which ought to be a challenge, since this is likely to be a busy month. Ah well--here's Day One, my least favorite prompt, one that is rather painful in a lot of ways. So here's me, doing a selfie in the bathroom mirror. Yeah, for someone who doesn't like mirrors, I sure bought a house with a lot of them!