Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Button, Button...

DSCN8852 by marie watterlond
DSCN8852, a photo by marie watterlond on Flickr.

You really want to click on this picture to see a bigger version! It's a quilted version of one of the old "feather trees" that were so popular many many years ago. This one is decorated with mostly old buttons, including a few (like the blue lovebirds) that I remember from my grandmother's button box.

There's a second one of these trees, which looks nearly identical, but it's done with brighter colors (in the plaid border) and much more contemporary buttons--airplanes, and gummy bears, and the like.

They'll be coming down soon. Not sure what I'll put up in their places, since I don't have many quilts this size. Guess I need to go look around!

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