Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Roses

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This picture evokes a phrase from an old country song that has haunted me for years:

"faded love and winter roses"

Don't remember who sang it, or even what came next. But the winter-stricken rosebushes, with a few brave blossoms hanging on and some scarlet rosehips leavening the desolation, tell the story. And the seedling Chinese elm tree reaching over the bushes?

Well, it's doomed. One way or another, it's out of there. My love for it faded before it ever grew this tall!

Edit Note: Looked it up. It's a Hank Williams song:

Faded love and winter roses always bloom in memory
Faded love and winter roses yearning hearts that used to be

Will they meet again tomorrow where we parted yesterday
Give me back the winter roses and the love you took away

Faded love and winter roses sprinkled with a lonely tear
Faded love and winter roses still recall each yesteryear

Will I always be a dreamer dreaming of the used to be
Faded love and winter roses live and die in memory

... and now I remember why I loved to listen to this song!

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