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Capistrano Mission Bells

Mission Bells
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Mission San Juan Capistrano has the bells displayed next to the ruins of the stone church. Quotes:

The original bells were hung from a large nearby tree for some fifteen years, until the chapel bell tower was completed in 1791. What ultimately became of the original bells is not known. New bells were cast in Chile for inclusion in the belfry of "The Great Stone Church." All four of Mission San Juan Capistrano's bells are named and all bear inscriptions as follows (from the largest to the smallest; inscriptions are translated from Latin):[114]

* "Praised by Jesus, San Vicente. In honor of the Reverend Fathers, Ministers (of the Mission) Fray Vicente Fustér, and Fray Juan Santiago, 1796."
* "Hail Mary most pure. Ruelas made me, and I am called San Juan, 1796."
* "Hail Mary most pure, San Antonio, 1804."
* "Hail Mary most pure, San Rafael, 1804."

I love the practice of naming bells--and one of my all-time favorite books is Dorothy Sayers' The Nine Tailors.

More info about the mission here:

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